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75% Haiti Dark Chocolate


Cinnamon raisin and brownie cover the palate swaying from side to side. Orange peel quickly spins, and dried fig follows up to dip you for a lingering finish.

Origin:PISA, Haiti
Ingredients: Organic Cacao, Organic Cane Sugar

75% Haiti Dark Chocolate Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

Best 75% chocolate bar I've found so far!

Posted by Suzie on Oct 26th 2018

I picked a bar up from the Crystal Bridges coffee bar this week, under the impression it was the highest dark chocolate available to me at that time.. After reading the Flavor Notes description I set out to enjoy the varying nuances of flavor on my taste buds! So delicious and light! I left my husband a mere morsel and yet he agreed there was a lot going on. : ) I can't wait to try your 85% dark chocolate bar!

Beautifully bittersweet

Posted by Logan Johnson on Feb 17th 2018

This bar is a great blend of sweetness and bitterness I like about a pure dark chocolate bar.