Chocolate Bars

Introducing Markham & Fitz Chocolate Bars.

They're to die for.
Okay, maybe not literally
But I'd fight you for them.

Dark & Dark Milk Chocolates ranging from 85% to 52%.
Includes single origin chocolate bars, flavor chocolate bars in our beautiful packaging.

52% Dark Milk Chocolate with Caramelized Pecans & Black SaltNicaragua cacao melds with cream and the subtle crunch of our Louisiana lady’s heritage, the pecan. Black salt harmonizes a classy finish.These beans of this 52% Milk Chocolate hail...
How do you take your coffee?With chocolate, I presume?A casual, breezy walk to the neighborhood cafe, You recline, delighted. Petite espresso in hand. You think to yourself, “Maybe, I’ll add a dab of cream…… and...
Deep, nutty brownie boasts its decadent ways before candied lemon steals the show - only for a bright moment. Slowly, cream finishes the palate like smooth butter.
You asked... and so you shall receive.Sprinkled with flakes of Maldon sea salt, and filled with crunchy, toasted almonds in our classic 60% Bolivia.spread the love around, people.Ingredients: Cacao, Organic Cane Sugar, Almonds, Organic Cocoa Butter,...
Breathe in, breathe out.Eat Chocolate.Repeat.Floral Patagonia honey flutters among lavender fields, blissfully blending calmingaromas to keep your mind at peace… and thinking of chocolate.In partnership with i’mindful, each dreamy,...
I’d share this chocolate bar with you.An unexpected trio of ripe fig, berry and chicory open brightly on the palate with a touch of acidity, bowing to brownie’s lingering finish.Flavor notes: ripe berry & fig, chicory, brownieIngredients:...
Cinnamon raisin and brownie cover the palate swaying from side to side. Orange peel quickly spins, and dried fig follows up to dip you for a lingering finish.Origin:PISA, HaitiIngredients: Organic Cacao, Organic Cane Sugar
Surprisingly sweet for an 85% dark chocolate, this natural superfood is loaded with healthy theobromine and antioxidants... we’ve added blueberry, maca root & açai berry powders, wild organic dried blueberries, almonds, & cashews for...
Gift a friend (or gift yourself!) with the full library of all 8 Markham & Fitz Chocolate bars.Comes delicately wrapped in ribbon with a gift note included.If you'd like a few words on the card - include the message in checkout!
Give the gift of fine chocolate this holiday season with Markham & Fitz chocolate. Choose from an assortment of Gift Boxes or purchase your own gift box and products individually to fill as you like.$40 Box    -  2 Chocolate Bars, 1...