At Markham & Fitz, we cultivate an environment of creativity and excellence in chocolate,
all in a place... that smells really good.

We're always looking for passionate individuals to join our growing team of chocolate makers, enthusiasts, marketers, baristas & bartenders.

See the possible opportunities below, and email Lauren Blanco at lauren@markhamandfitz.com with your resume, and a letter of why you'd like to join our team.


Chocolate Production Team
You could be a part of any step of the process - from chocolate making, to truffle creation, to baking and desserts.


Chocolate Concierge
Hone your experience as a barista and bartender, and lead customers to enjoy chocolate in new ways. 


Event Staff
Be a Markham & Fitz ambassador at various shows and events we participate in throughout the year. From craft shows to farmers markets, we look for team members that get excited to share with customers the experience of high quality, craft chocolate.

We look for individuals who want to add value to a small, local business while gaining invaluable experience in the inner-workings of a small business operation. From sales to online marketing and chocolate-making apprenticeship, we make space for the right team members to get the learning opportunity of a lifetime.