Our Values

Our Motto

Our Motto: Make Amazing Chocolate. Celebrate People.

After making chocolate for a few years, we have come to realize a few things.


1. Chocolate is awesome.
2. Quality matters.
3. People need to be celebrated more.


Markham & Fitz exists to make amazing chocolate for several reasons. 

We strive for excellence. We won't ever stop learning, iterating, improving, tasting, creating, etc. We want to make the best chocolate we can from the pure motivations of excellence and creativity.

On the other hand...


Great Chocolate Makes People Happy

Great chocolate just makes people happy. And these days, people just need a little more celebration. 

You know, the old fashioned kind of celebration. 

The chocolate cake topped with too many candles you try not to blow out while walking. And your random uncle with under-washed hair that sings too loud kind of celebration.

The kind of celebration not on a birthday or anniversary or holiday. The just 'cause we're alive celebration.

We have discovered that we are in the business of helping people celebrate life. We just happen to make chocolate, and we think that's pretty awesome.


Our Values: Celebration & Restoration

Our Values: Celebration & Restoration

Celebration & Restoration. 

These two words have struck us as why we do what we do. We've talked about celebrating people. We also like to celebrate the cacao bean. There's so much to celebrate there, you might as well taste our product. That's how we best communicate that value.

Let's talk about restoration.

We see an opportunity to restore the Earth, our supply chain, and relationships through business. We believe the means of doing this is through sustainability and relationships. 
That's our how.


Sustainability Is the Path to Restoration

Sustainability + Relationships

We value sustainability.  Sustainability of the earth in the way we consume, produce, and do business.  While we have a beautiful vision ahead, it's a long road to get there.  We believe that taking small, intentional steps will lead us toward our goal.  Here's how we're taking on sustainability:


  • We use non-gmo organic cane sugar.


We believe what's good for the earth is also good for our bodies, and vice versa. We aim to include ingredients in our chocolate that is good for our bodies and the earth.


  • We use natural ingredients.


Preservatives and chemicals with names we can't pronounce aren't only sketchy, but they also affect the taste of chocolate . By keeping our chocolate preservative-free, we also keep our chocolate soy free.


  • We use recyclable and compostable packaging.


This is an exciting one for us, as we've recently repackaged our bars. The paper we use is made from partly recycled material, and is recyclable. The "plastic" that seals the bar is vegetable plastic and is biodegradable.


There's more work to be done here. We're continually seeking ways we can be more conscious of our earth by the way we produce and consume chocolate. Feel free to give us a shout if you would like to share ways we can consider being more conscious of the earth. 




Real Relationships Make Meaningful Business

We believe real relationships are the future of good business. We want to do business with people who have similar values and vision for our world's future. We aim to work collaboratively with our supply chain partners (and customers!) to make our world and industry a more sustainable, equitable, and empowering place.

This is another long road, which we've only just begun. Relationships take a long time to develop. Our goal is to create long-term relationships with our cacao partners to create meaningful business.

By doing business with cacao distributors that uphold ethical and sustainable standards, we choose a way of business that is transparent and accountable to our customers. And when we have the occasion to do direct trade, we seek to establish a long term relationship from which both parties benefit.

As core values of Markham & Fitz, please feel free to ask us questions. We are always looking for ways to be more open about how we play a role in the cacao industry, however small or large.