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Bean to Bar

Watch the latest video of our bean to bar process with our Chief Chocolate Officer, Preston.

What does "bean-to-bar" mean?

Bean-to-bar chocolate references chocolate that is made from cacao beans and fashioned into chocolate bars or other confections. We source beans from various countries and highlight the delicious flavors found in the unique variety of beans.

Our bean sources include:
Haiti, Dominican Republic, Bolivia, Guatemala, Nicaragua. 

We hope to source more varieties of bean in the future as we grow, and share the true adventure that is found in cacao.

Beyond the Bar

Bean-to-bar is a great term, but it's limiting.
Chocolate can be consumed in more than just bar form. It can be a confection, a superfood, a pastry, a drink both hot and cold. 

We can't wait to bring bean-to-bar and beyond to our community at the 8th Street Market in Bentonville. Coming December 2017!