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Onyx Coffee
Onyx Coffee

Onyx Coffee


*Whole Bean (Available ground if specified in notes)

Southern Weather Blend is Onyx's great house coffee that you know and love. This blend embodies the wonderful relationships between a citric acidity balance and wonderful, full-bodied chocolates. Comfortable, yet surprisingly complex and sophisticated. Great brewed or used as espresso!

Origin: Guatemala La Esperanza & Ethiopia Reko G1.

Process: Traditional - Modern, Washed

Cupping Notes: Milk Chocolate, Plum, Candied Walnuts, Juicy & Citrus Finish


Wanna know more about how to brew it? Then visit Onyx's brew methods page cause "this is how we brew it" (think Montell Jordan when reading that last part).


Monarch Blend is Onyx's most developed roast. It is a flavor profile that was designed to work well with fats. This coffee works extremely well with cream or as an espresso that has a high volume of milk. A very sweet sugar dense coffee that binds to the fats and creates multiple complex sugar browning notes from Swiss chocolate to cacao depending on the amount of milk added. Enjoy as drip or espresso.

Origins: Ethiopia Gotiti Natural & Colombia Buesaco

Process: All Traditional, Washed and Natural

Cupping Notes: Dark Chocolate, Molasses, Dried Berries, Red Wine, Thick & Syrupy