A Cocoa Manifesto

A Cocoa Manifesto

It's Chocolate Story Time.


A few months ago I spent some time digging deep after the long year of 2020 to rewrite our company’s manifesto. I am really passionate about words, because I think they’re powerful. They tell us where we’re going and why. They help us point our intentions in the direction we want to go.

I’m the kind of person that’s either all in or nothing. When I jumped in to craft chocolate and into building this business, I wanted to pour my soul into it… like, literally. I wanted our business to reflect my personal convictions of justice and restoration, and we believed that these values could be realized through chocolate.

Pouring one’s soul into any endeavor is difficult to do. Some days I forget that it’s possible. In the early days and what was shared in the first versions of our company’s internal manifesto was that “we believe people need to be celebrated more.”

Chocolate became the means of celebrating people.

This ethos is where our endeavor in chocolate began and is what continues to shape our passion for chocolate. We're excited to publicly share our manifesto below.
These words show us where we're going and help hold us accountable to what matters most.

Celebrating people has long been a value and has now been written into the first three words of our new manifesto. Needing to "celebrate people more" was a general conviction that the life and joy around us deserves attention and recognition, affection and applause.

This week we'll be sharing some important stories that we believe are worth celebrating. Stay tuned to join us in celebrating Black History, and follow our next employee highlight with Ms. Delia!



- Lauren
Co-Founder & CEO

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