Transparency update!

We have prided ourselves on single-origin production of chocolate since we were founded in 2014. We love the nuance each bean demonstrates and strive to feature that nuance in each bar we create.

This year, however, we have faced our first (in 10 years!) significant supply issues with one of our primary sources of cacao in the Dominican Republic. Crop losses from extreme weather this past year has reduced our partners' crop by 80%, which has subsequently increased the price of product by nearly 2x. We plan to take limited stock from the crop yield that is left, but we are also managing costs to keep from raising our prices.

This has caused us to look to alternatives for our heavily-relied on beans. We have been running tests and have found that some of our other sources of beans make adequate replacements in bars that have strong flavors, like Lavender & Mocha. We are still running tests on other bars like Brain Food. Our focus with these tests is to ensure the product can taste almost the exact same. If we cannot find a reasonable replacement for taste, then we will reserve the more expensive beans to ensure we can keep those products through the year until the next harvest.

Current changes:
Mocha & Ooh La Lavender are now using PISA, Haiti beans instead of Oko Caribe, Dominican Republic for the time being. We have found little to no taste-change to ensure our customers can rely on the flavor they expect from these bars.

We continue to work with existing bean partners for supply, and guarantee fair pricing / ethical sourcing no matter where the beans come from.