Warm Weather Shipping Policy

Warm Weather Shipping Policy

Thank you so much for considering our chocolate!  With warm weather upon us, we have a few updates to keep in mind to ensure that your chocolate arrives in its best condition.  We are honored to make and ship chocolate directly to your door!

During warm weather months, we will only ship on Mondays & Tuesdays.  

Logistics partners (USPS, UPS, FedEx) are currently burdened by higher than normal volumes and staffing shortages due to Covid-19.  Their shipping time frames are not as reliable as they used to be, and we are accommodating by limiting our shipments to the beginning of the week.  Orders placed after 12pm CST on Tuesdays will ship out the following Monday (unless the order does not include a meltable product).

Before the package is shipped, we not only check the weather of the final destination, but various intermediate stops along the way.  We pre-chill the product and drop it off at the end of the day to ensure it has the best possible chance to survive its journey.  For warm weather shipping, we take extra care to avoid exposure to heat and humidity which can cause melting and/or bloom.  Our shipping boxes are lined with a special insulation and gel ice packs to ensure product quality.


A couple things you can do to help ensure safe arrival:

  • Ship where you can receive the package immediately. The most common way for chocolate to melt in transit is for it to be sitting on your doorstep or in your mailbox for hours before you can bring it inside from the heat.  One way to be able to manage and track your shipment is via the USPS feature of Informed Delivery. You can also ship to a commercial location or have the post office hold your package for you.  If you ship it to an office or have it held at the post office pickup, you can ensure that it will be kept in a climate controlled and safe space. 

  • Select a shipping service that's not affected by expected delays.  Both USPS and UPS have promised to keep their service commitments on their overnight options.  Their 2-3 day shipments are now only guaranteed from 3-4 days. We suggest you select overnight shipping if you're in a destination with temperatures over 85 degrees F.

Please make sure you’ve entered your shipping address correctly. Markham & Fitz is not responsible for incorrect shipping addresses or delivery which may cause the shipment to be exposed to harsh conditions like extreme heat, prolonged sun, and/or rain, or to be returned to us.